Tacx Neo power loss vs. Rotor 2INpower

Hi all,

Just another topic about divergence between power sensors… Sorry for annoying again with that, I just would like to get some more thoughts on my data :slight_smile:

The setup:

  • Tacx Neo: ANT+ > Laptop > Zwift > Garmin Connect
  • Rotor 2INpower: ANT+ > Garmin Edge 1030 > Garmin Connect

My issue, if it is…, is that I constantly get 15-20W more in average on the Edge activities than Zwift.
Note: I’m always doing workout with ERG, and compare data from GC.

I know that the drivetrain introduces a normal loss of power, but something like 5W for a clean chain. Since the accuracy for both sensors is about 1% I’d more expect 5-8W more on the Rotor.

I also saw so many posts from users saying that they have roughly the same wattage on their trainer and pedals/drivechain sensors that I’m suspecting a problem on my side, even minor :slight_smile:

For you, is it something normal that I should not worry about?