Tacx Flux

Have Tacx Flux and using iPad pro. Every time I use the app, the app doesn’t find the trainer, until I power off the trainer again. Is this normal?

Also, when using the app, the data doesn’t seem to be not accurate. For example when I stop peddling it takes quite a few seconds (10-20) before the speed starts slowing down on the screen.



Depending on how you use the trainer between sessions, it’s likely an expected complication from BLE pairing, since Bluetooth devices can only pair with one thing at a time. It may be remembering an old pairing until you restart.

As for the speed, it depends on whether you’re on a slope or not. The better measurement to watch is your wattage. If it doesn’t immediately show changes, check your Settings and see if 3 second power smoothing is turned on (you can turn it off for more immediate power changes). You may also want to update your trainer’s firmware and improve your Bluetooth signal.

Do I use the Swift Mobile Link to pair the trainer 1st? Also, do I have to pair the trainer each time I use it?