Tacx Flux, not increase speed

Hello, I have a Tacx Flux, during the free spins changing gear and cadence I can not significantly increase the speed. I have done something wrong in the settings?

thank you


I recognize the same effect in flat areas. I thought, it’s because of the flywheel. It takes its time to speed up, even if you “feel” already wattage. Zwift reacts very sluggish.

Another problem (or effect?) is the high speed and the resistance at downhils. It’s somehow vice versa: It’s very hard using your highest and fastest gear, even in steep downhils, because the break of the flux doesn’t simulate the downhill. It feels like a constant resistance. But at least the speed downhils is incredible fast, sometimes.

Anybody else, who can explain, how the Flux is working at Zwift?