TacX Flux 2 won't re-connect to Zwift after spindown calibration

Hi All

Due to Corona, I train on a Flux 2 in my temporary home. Before longer rides or interval sessions, I try to calibrate the trainer after the warmup, 5-10 minutes into the ride, but no matter which way I try, I often have the issue that it does not reconnect to Zwift after calibration. I tried two methods:

  1. After warm-up, keep everything connected, open TacX app, calibrate trainer, go back to zwift.
  2. After warm-up, disconnect Flux 2 in Zwift app, open TacX app, calibrate trainer, disconnect trainer from TacX app, open Zwift again, reconnect trainer.

With both methods, about half of the time the trainer is not recognized properly by Zwift after calibration. It either still displays as connected but with “no signal” or one can find it as a device, connect and then get displayed the “no signal”. Waiting, stopping to pedal, pedalling, nothing seems to help. In either case, only ending the ride, fully closing Zwift and restarting the app helps.

Anyone who has a similar problem, or what is the go-to procedure to calibrate a trainer before a ride, without having to exit the app?

Any help is much appreciated.