Tacx flow controllable issue with Garmin watch

im having issues with my Tacx flow smart trainer. i have recently brought a Garmin 945 and want to earn challenges through garmin connect. as soon as i connect my watch on free ride, the controllable shuts off and stays on one setting regardless of the incline on zwift.

i have done over 500 miles before getting the garmin watch with no issues.

Hi @Kurtis_Nobbs, since this is your first time posting on the Zwift Forums, welcome!

Sorry to hear that the Tacx Flow seems to be losing the resistance in Zwift, and that does sound frustrating.

I know there are some general resistance issues impacting the Zwift community and you can read more about that in this article.

Your issue, however, does seem quite specific and so unless you’ve already done so, I think you could benefit from sending our tech support team an email. Our team is happy to provide you with further assistance. You can reach us here.

@Kurtis_Nobbs How are you connecting your Garmin 945 to your trainer? And how are/were you connecting your Tacx Flow? If via Bluetooth, you will only be able to connect to your 945 OR your Flow, but not both at the same time. (Bluetooth only connects 1-to-1.)

My suggestion would be to NOT use your 945 and go back to pairing the way you were doing previously, as you didn’t seem to have any issues then. And then, if you haven’t already, give Zwift permission to upload your rides to Garmin Connect. This will help you to earn the badges and complete challenges in that app (just like it does in Strava).

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Hi Nigel,

Thanks for replying!

I have been in contact with Garmin who are looking into it.

I have been told by garmin, with the tacx flow trainer I can pair my garmin 945 and use zwift at the same time.

At first, the both of them worked fine together and does so every now and again.

Before connecting both together, I did only use the zwift app and add it to my garmin connect. This would not count towards my challenges and earn badges. Garmin was the ones who told me to connect both.

It would be much easier if it was just done through on app, garmin changed last year which wouldn’t allow zwift rides to count toward challenges.

Oh! I think you’re right, actually. I think it used to earn in Garmin, but then Garmin changed it up so that only activities recorded on a Garmin device would count toward challenges. Sorry about that!

If your trainer is using ANT+ you should be able to connect to multiple devices at the same time, but not BLE. Hopefully someone else has some better insight.

Thanks Nigel,

I’m using an iPad Pro and trying to read up if this is comparable for both.

Zwift has also reached out so I’m hoping for a soloution soon!