Tacx Cycleforce One and Zwift - Settings?

I am using an old Dumb Turbo Trainer (Tacx Cycleforce One) with Zwift (+ 2 sensors for candence and speed) on my old roadbike. I can set 7 stages of resistance manually. Since I can’t find this trainer listed on your pages: which stage of resistance should be selected?

Thanks in advance.
Ride on!

Wolfram, I am not a Zwift expert, just another rider, but I used to have this same trainer and Garmin Sensor2 speed and Cadence. I asked the same question and was steered towards using the ‘Other’.
However, I checked all specs and resistance settings I could find over the differnt 10 speed settings (900w @ 40kph and similar resistance at level 4) and found that using Tacx BlueMotion and setting resistance to 4 (went to 5 eventually), it gave as good a reasonable response as I could expect. Since using a Smart trainer Elite Novo Smart, the figures on my performance were not out by much. Though do bear in mind any activity on the Cycleforce is not adjusted when climbing or descending, so it is easier to work with unless you up the gearing. Just keep it consistent, and not worry about the figures too much, just do this mainly on RPE.
Hope this helps.

Hi Mark, thanks for your answer!