Tacx calibration not working in Zwift

Completely dropped out. I had to turn it off. I was then able to just ride for half an hour afterwards.

Have you tried the trainer with any other riding software other than zwift?

The only way to determine if it’s hardware or software related would be to ride for 90 mins with something like trainer road. If works flawlessly you’d be looking at the issue being with zwift, however, if encounter similar issues it would suggest you’ve a hardware issue.

is this the info you need

I tried riding using the tacx app a few weeks ago when I first started having the problem. That seemed to work ok.

I only see Bluetooth data in the Zwiftalizer pictures, did you connect the ANT+ dongle.

Also make sure to Select the ANT+ FE-C option when selecting Power and Controllable.

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Same here I only calibrate on Tacx utility app

I think that ZWIFT app should be kind to tell that calibaration Tacx devices is not supported. And, it should kindly suggest using Tacx app.
I have stayed in step3 for one hour, and it was a lot of pain, and frustration.

I have had the exact same issue so as I was training with other guys in a club the other day I mentioned this to them. Finally one guy said - get it up to 50 km/h and let go - and finally it worked. I have no idea where he got it from as the app kept telling me to hold it at 37 km/h, but it worked.

I think it’s to do with it needing to get up to 37 mph (rather than kmh) since 50 kmh is approx 37 mph.

I had the same thought but as one mile is 1,6 km it would mean that you would have to bring it up to just over 59 km/h. It happened at exactly 50 km/h.

I tried, it works if I spin up to 50kph, let me spin down.

I am not sure if the calibrated result is same as it would have done within Tacx utility app.
I need to compare to 4iiii crank power data which calibration is more accurate.

Anyways, either a typo or, wrong speed reading from the Tacx in the metric environment. 36kph,

I’m glad it worked out for you!

Sorry but at the moment no way to use Zwift with Tacx flux 2 … Compared with my 4iii or other power meter, zwift is always 30/40 watt less, and also to achieve a minimum wattage , example 200 watt , the smart trainer became very tough. At the moment I can’t train with any route … so now i think to put the account on hold. please solve asap.