TACX Bushido Workout Mode - power varies (only workout mode)

(Porthos Woofs ODZ (D)) #1

Today on effort of 90W and 140W and other wattages in a Workout my TACX Bushido would drop resistance slightly (can feel the drop and sometimes hear it).

I would never notice it increasing again, but I would over and over again have it drop low by maybe about 15-25% (felt like that amount).

It never lost a signal. It never dropped to zero resistance.

For a stretch it kept clicking on and off some of the magnets and I could feel the click on and click off (vs a smooth change is resistance as normal).


The workout ended and I rode on the flats and gentle hills at the same cadence/effort and wattage as in the workout which just ended and it never had a problem at all.

It is not an ANT problem (since the non-workout rides remain perfect all the time). It is like the old Bushido problem which was at high efforts - but no at all efforts (low W maintenance and warm up/down levels of resistance).

Anyone else see this?

This was Feb 08, 2016 evening US time.