Tacx Bushido up in smoke

Hi. I have recently bought a second hand Tacx Bushido smart trainer with the intention of using it for Zwift. Tried it a couple of times and worked fine. Tonight the resistance fluctuated a couple of times, the fan came on, then a flash and pop followed by acrid white smoke from the vents. Opened it up and seems to be a little fluid (smells like battery acid) on the electronics board.

My question is… am I screwed?

I wouldn’t phrase it that way unless you did something that was explicitly forbidden in the instructions. It sounds like something blew out on the electronics board. That sounds more like a warranty issue. So, it’s more like Tacx is screwed (but really they’ll survive, although they almost surely owe you a new unit).

Edit: missed that this was second hand!

I’m guessing if it’s second hand you’ve no warranty. I’d be going back to whoever you bought it from. It should last longer than it did. Hopefully they’ll be reasonable about it.

Sounds like a capacitor blew up

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No warranty. I will contact the seller and see where that goes.

Is this something that can easily be replaced?

Maybe/maybe not.
Electronics today is so small, and cheap, that it often is just replaced.
Maybe Tacx can answer that.