Tacx ANT seems to crash Zwift

I have been using a Tacx ANT device to avoid dropouts when my husband runs on Zwift. For some reason his Tickr causes dropouts when I ride. The new device was working until this latest update. Now whenever Zwift loads up and pairs with the devices, it crashes, then won’t start again. I put my old ANT back in my computer and it works fine. Problem is my husband now can’t wear his HR monitor when he runs at the same time on Zwift. I have a Mac Air that has been cleaned to use just for Zwift. No other opplications running at the same time.

Hi @Lisa_Buckland welcome to Zwift forum.

There’s a lot of detail we need to drill down on. Would you paint us a picture of what devices are in your house and how you have them set up?

  1. Do you and your husband have separate accounts, or are you sharing one account?
    2a. Do you each run Zwift on different computers / devices?
    2b What devices (smartphone / tablet / laptop / AppleTV) and OS’s are they?
  2. Are you both running and riding? Or are you a pure cyclist and your husband a pure runner?
    4a. What cycling trainers & sensors are you paired to?
    4b. What running speed sensor (treadmill, footpod, smart shoes, RUNN device, etc) is your husband using?

In households with multiple Zwifters, and/or with more than one bike or more than one trainer broadcasting Bluetooth signals, it can muddy the radio environment…

We have separate accounts and run it on different Mac laptops with the most recent OS.
I’m usually riding using ANT (with bluetooth turned off on my laptop)and he is on a treadmill. He runs with bluetooth and no ANT in his laptop. I am paired to my Tacx Neo and he is using a LifeFitness treadmill.
We have never had this problem before he started using the treadmill. We have used both a Kickr and Neo, both with ANT and never had problems. I spoke with Garmin and they basically said it’s a Zwift problem (I believe it’s probably a Tacx problem because we’re using two different ways to connect to Zwift).