Does anyone else have problems with zwift crashing during a ride? I get them nearly every couple of mths! Not a happy bunny

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I really wish this wasn’t demonstrably untrue: Upcoming guarantued crashes at Alpe at next Tour de Zwift?

No platform should crash. None is inherently more stable than any other.

But that was not a ‘crash’, it was just a ‘graphics glitch’. :rofl:



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Apple TV is fine @Dave_ZPCMR oh hang on… Apple TV was fine (its getting worse and worse).

If you want to feel pain, try and choose a workout on ATV :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: - Anyway, il stop derailing the thread.

This is not on topic.

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is that also how you explain needing to force close the app on Apple TV after every use, just a glitch? :wink:

So far no. I’m using an upgraded old server Mac but not the very latest macOS and not a Mac with an integrated GPU.

It’s just luck so far.

Apologies for my crash free post being off topic.

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