Syncing zwift to apple health?

Hi, I use a zwift on my pc, with iphone companion. I had zwift on my apple watch, but it did nothing, just always a more or less blank screen. I use garmin ant + for my pc connections to hr, cadence, and wahoo kikr. when I had zwift on my watch I had all notifications turned on from zwift to apple health… but nothing ever synced. health says I am cardio unfit (LOL) I am also syncing to strava, but strava 3rd party apps don’t sync to health, only workouts done in strava itself. So anyway, nothing syncs from zwift to health… ever. And since I deleted the zwift app off my watch, it doesn’t even give me the option in data to turn it on. To be honest, I don’t really care, but then again I wrote this post - I just get irritated when I look at health app and it says I am cardio unfit. I ride a minimum of 30Km per day and over 200Km per week on zwift and over 300Km per week with zift and outdoor rides combined on strava.

just rinstalled app on my watch… it just says unpaired. but my watch is clearly paired with my phone… is it referring to not being paired with my PC and Zwift? As I don’t think I want that - my garmin HR is more accurate I am sure… but is this why nothing seems to work and sync to my health app?