Syncing windows (laptop) app with Zwift account

I have some problems that I cant solve and/or can’t find the solution online.

During my ride (windows app on my laptop) it does not connect with my ZML. Furthermore I did two rides and I can find it on my laptop app, however my Zwift online and ZML account doesn’t recognize these rides.

When I try to find other Zwifters I see my account twice. One is my laptop account with 2 rides the other my ZML/Online account with 0 rides. However my username/login is the same…

Does anybody know how to solve this issue?

What device are you running the ZML on Erwin?


@Erwin - you have two accounts. The email is misspelled for one of them. Double-check your emails and make sure you’re using the correct one for ZML and the game on your next ride, you should see the data sync up.

If you need us to help you delete the extra account, open an email ticket, and we can help you with that.