Sync with Strava goes pear shape if you bail on an event to something else

So was doing AdZ Event and my legs gave me a refusal 20 minutes in so I jumped to Makuri Island to ride something chill.

  • Zwift Activities log did a good thing and showed them as two unique activities.
  • Strava sync shows the 2nd event appropriately.


For first event in Strava it looks like it took the first part of ADZ… then automagically teleported me downtown Watopia and replicated my Makuri ride there… Then auto snapped the start end together… Either way that one was wrong… Its a NBD i rarely ever bail like this but it was a weird one and throing it out here for zwift to address… (or ignore ;))


Probably this - Straight line Map Bug going Between events or meetups [May 2021]

No (but thats a very very squishy no…)

  • Zwift event rides look good and are appropriate (no straight lining there…) As shown in My.zwift and companion app.
  • If i saw a straight line connecting world one to world two that would make sense in Strava.
  • Its putting me on roads i never rode… black “flight line” and ride to the right i never did (that is Makuri ride distance pushed to Watopia)… Hopefully JPG comes through… To be clear Strava did archive Makuri. BUT also made this.