Sync with Polar Flow

(Aidan Broadbridge) #1

It would be great to see Polars Flow service added as a sync opportunity please

(nathan krentz) #2

+1 for this! I hate that I’ve got to collect my heart rate data on my V800 separately from all the data in Zwift. 


As a v800 owner i would love to have this opportunity. You use the H7 strap in swift, because you want to see it on the screen and currently makes no sense to start an indoor session on the watch. If you could just export your ride at then end to polar flow, similar to strava export it would be great

(Kronsbein Daniel [ZRG]) #4

I would love to have this feature too but it is up to Polar to allow other apps to write to their database for syncing. Right now they do not even allow us to import workouts :frowning:


Zwift seems to be way more customer oriented than people at Polar. So if the request comes directly from them maybe it weighs more than our direct feedbacks to Polar, which i submitted anyway  :slight_smile:

(Aidan Broadbridge) #6

As an update for all interested parties, polar released Open Accesslink in October 2017. I’m now developer, but doesn’t this technology allow Zwift, or anyone else for that matter, the opportunity to add polar to there software.


Not a programmer myself Aidan, but to my eyes it looks more like you can export activities or information from polar flow to 3rd parties apps, but not the other way around.

I might be wrong here, i have no competency.

(Aidan Broadbridge) #8

Thats a good observation DC Rainmaker supports your thoughts. We can live in hope though, right?


(Kronsbein Daniel [ZRG]) #9

Yes, the API release from polar is a step forward but as mentioned before they do only allow read access and Zwift would need write access in order to upload the activities.

(Dave Saunders) #10

Dear Polar - please integrate Zwift. I want to remain a loyal customer but you need to offer what Garmin offers in terms of data sharing. Thanks.

(Christof Beste) #11

#meetoo, please polar
And wattage/ powermeter is not evil