Sync Customizable Workouts from Training Peaks or similar

(Dominique Louis ZHR(D)🏊🏻🚴🏼🏃🏼) #1

Maybe the dev team should speak to Training Peaks, or similar training software vendors, so that turbo workouts from TP et al can be auto-imported and auto-generated within Zwift and once completed synced back to TP et al.


(Brandon Amos) #2

What percentage of users are likely to pay for both TP and Zwift?

The custom workouts are stored as text file (with a .ZWO extension) on your PC.  You can therefore create and edit them very quickly using any text editor.  Although I don’t use TP, it took me a very small amount of time to create all my favorite work outs in the Zwift format.  I therefore think there are far more important things for Zwift to focus their efforts on.

(Vincent Fortin) #3

Auto import to TrainingPeaks would be very Nice