Switched to a start of new ride (Tour de Zwift)

I think i registered for a 4pm ride. But then decided to do the 3pm ride instead (Tour de zwift stage 3). So when almost 1 hour riding my session which started at 3pm, my session switched to the starting line of 4pm ride.

How can you stop this? Or if this happens again how to get back and continue the session i was riding? This is simple stupid and annoying by zwift. Talk about poor gameplay.

Zwift did exactly what you had asked it to do! You should have cancelled the 4pm ride (found it in events and deselected it).


AFAIK Zwift doesn’t just switch you to an event. If you’re riding, you are asked multiple times if you want to join the event or not (yet) before the start of the event. Did you not get these?

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It can.

On more than one occasion, I’ve gotten an “event starting” pop-up (same circumstance as OP), and the DEFAULT option is “JOIN”, not “CANCEL.”

I’m super cautious now about scheduling back to back events and make a point of withdrawing from the later one if I’ve started the earlier.

But the point is there is a popup that you can use to CANCEL.

As others pointed out there should be several warning messages on the screen.

30min before the start of the next event, Join now should be in the bottom left.
5min before the next event the big banner should popup.


I’ve never not seen the alert messages.

I would like a way of responding to them via the Companion App though…

Needs to be some statements about devices and apps people are using as their may be differences or bug in one but not the others. Certainly in Windows client I do normally get warnings.

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I do get a pop message in the Comp App. IIRC the options are 'Join and ‘Not Yet’, maybe? I never use that message, I click on the one in the main app.

I have accidentally signed up for events when I was only intending to click the event open for a description, as it just takes that one click and no ‘Confirm’ to enter an event. But I always get the popup banner with the chance to cancel too.

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