Switch PC account subscription to Apple account

Hello guys, I recently purchased an Apple TV, I canceled my account on the website, the subscription is valid until 5/16 after that I will be charged normally on Apple TV? Should I do any procedure?


You didn’t need to cancel, just log in on the Apple TV app with your email address and password as before.


I canceled because the subscription on apple costs half as much as on the zwift website, due to the conversion of dollar x real (Brazilian currency). What does not happen in the apple that has fixed price. When my subscription expires, the zwift from the tv applet will request a new subscription, correct?


Good point, I can see why you would want to switch. :+1:

Unfortunately I don’t know the answer to your question, but I would have thought it just swaps over. It the same account, you’re just subscribing a different way.

When you log in on the ATV you may see a ‘renew subscription’ option in the lower left corner of the screen where you select worlds/routes. If so, click on this and the ATV should check your account and recognize that you have a subscription and allow you to move forward as normal. I had this issue when I switched from using a gift card to the iTunes subscription.


it just appeared that the free period ends in 2 days, I’ll wait

just to confirm that everything went well, the button appeared in the game using Apple TV and I made a subscription. Thank you all.