Switch middle of the Ride from iPhone to AppleTV without any interruption

(Lucsi Adler) #1

Good Evening All,
I would have a newbie question
While I am riding and I have iPhone connected is a way to switch over to the AppleTV without any interruption?
An example: I am watching a movie on AppleTV for my initial warmup but later I would like to switch over to the main event of my ride to the AppleTV without interruption.
Possible the Bluetooth limitation would block this option but I just wonder if anyone successfully achieved this. Sorry for the beginner’s questions
Best Regards

(Lin) #2


If after your movie finishes, you connect your iPhone to your TV via a display adapter cable, then yes.

If you are hoping that you can fire up Zwift on the Apple TV, seamlessly transition from Zwift on your iPhone while expecting Zwift to remember your session state (i.e., allow you to pick up right in the middle of your ride), then no.

(Lucsi Adler) #3

Thank you or the reply. Best regards