Swinging back and forth

(Scott Simmons) #1

FYI to developers…I was on a ride yesterday when my “player” started swinging wildly back and forth across the screen as though he was on a pendulum.  This was not the typical swerve on the road when passing or being passed.  It happened for about 15 seconds.  Just enough that I was ready to stop pedaling because it was making me sick to watch.  Then it stopped. 

I am using brand new Mac Mini with no other programs active so I doubt the hardware was being taxed.  Regardless, I thought it was something you should know.

Still loving Zwift!

(L Read) #2

Yep , saw the same thing today. A new glitch since the last update.

(Jason K) #3

This sounds like it may be a hardware issue. Send us your computer specs via http://bit.ly/zwiftsupport, and we’ll investigate further.

(Scott Simmons) #4

I am using a brand new 2.6ghz mac mini.




(Matt Sharpe) #5

Happened to me tonight as well. Shortly before the KOM banner in reverse direction. Detoured off the road and swung wildly back and forth probably 3 or 4 times. I was running Zwift on a fairly old MBP.

(Jason K) #6

After further investigation, Matt may have hit on something, and we’re suspecting that this issue could be location specific. It’d be very helpful if you could let us know where you’re seeing this issue occur, with screenshots if possible.


(Scott Simmons) #7

I can’t tell you exactly where it started but it was just before the last tunnel, through the tunnel and stopped just on the other side before the homestetch to the finish. I don’t have any screenshots. Like Matt I detoured well off the road to the right. I was also heading in the standard direction. No u turns. 

(Mike Blaszczak) #8

This hasn’t happened to me, but I see it happen to other riders pretty frequently. It happened in today’s ride when a rider hearby swing around in front of me, sometimes in giant loops that took him into the grass.

It also happens behind me. The caption bubble at the bottom of my screen (with the rider’s name, flag, and distance back) swings left and right across the bottom of my screen, presumably as their avatar would be bouncing around to a direct observer.

(Paul Pagley) #9

Wanted to report a similar occurrence.  Last night this happened twice during my ride.  First time I have noticed this behavior.  Would describe as a severe jog to the right/left/right/left then back to normal.  Like my avatar is swerving wildly to avoid a road hazard.

Will make note of where it occurred during the lap if I experience it again.

(Jason K) #10

Thanks for the details, all! We’ll be looking at this issue in more detail today. Let us know if you notice any specific locations.

(L Read) #11

Noticed a pattern - this seems to happen on curved sections of the road.  Like the avatar is hunting for a good line but cant quite find it. It gets worse when there are other riders or AIs close by.

Today, I also saw a rider spinning or swerving back and forth in front of me and then suddenly jumping 10+ meters up the road.  This process kept repeating until I passed him. This rider had Zpower. 

(K Dentry (WSR) RO4H) #12

I had the same thing happening to me…I switched views and it cleared it right up.   Others on the WSR had the issue as well and switching views worked for them.