Swift lagging

Is it just me or is Zwift lagging and hanging for other as well? Was fine in Dec. Since Jan having issues.

Using on a newish Lenovo tablet with plenty of memory and processing power.

Define “lagging”… :slight_smile:

As in processing very slowly. Starts ok but after an indeterminate period 5-20 mins it slows down (frame changes every 2-5 seconds) or in some cases freezing. Bikes and riders not being drawn properly. Won’t go back to menus so you can quit ride

Having seen other comments similar to this I have checked the spec on my tablet. Its a Lenovo M10 plus with latest Windows running. In theory should be ok.

Also tried my sons iPad mini - that was better to begin with but also froze after about 30 min.

I am using with Wattbike Atom (new one)

Sorry - i mean Android not windows

My Android phone runs Zwift without a hitch. Having said that, I very rarely, if ever, use Zwift on such a small screen…

Sorry, haven’t seen anything like this - ever (Others may have, however, and can possibly shed more light on the issue.)