Swift crashes when either saving or deleting a ride if only I'm streaming music (ATV4k)

(Troy Ketela) #1

Setup is an ATV4k feeding through a receiver and into a 1080p TV.

Yesterday I first started streaming music from one of my local computers using the “Computer” app on the ATV4k (connected via wifi), then fired up Zwift. The app ran fine, but hung/crashed every time I tried ending a ride and either saving it (to Strava) or deleting it. I was able to exit the hung Zwift app by holding down the menu button on the remote. Restarting the app led to a blank screen and another crash, but it was ok after restarting a second time. Same thing happened today, multiple times, so it was not a one-off. I did note that my data did get saved to Strava properly, but the crashing is still a pain.

(Lindsay Cripps) #2

Does the same for me sometimes on ATV 4K deleting or saving a ride. I’m saving to Strava also. No other app running. Go back to the app page open Zwift login page frozen then crashes. Try again Zwift opens ok.

(Vincent W.) #3

Investigating! @Lindsay_Cripps are you also using the Computer app to stream music?

Edit: Hey @Salmon_Chaser do you know any of the exact times you were riding when you crashed?

(Lindsay Cripps) #4

No Vincent nothing else running or streaming on the Apple TV.
Doesn’t do it all the time but there was an update the other day and the few times I’ve used Zwift it hasn’t happened. I’ll update if it happens again.