Swift autocorrect - any ideas?

Seriously, any idea how to turn off or change my autocorrect on the word Swift - see there it is again.  I think I’d tweet, FB, and email more if I didn’t have to correct the autocorrect.  

The autocorrect is on your end not Zwifts. Not sure how you can think Zwift has control over your autocorrect settings.

Yes I know that Paul, thanks.  Just wondered if anyone had a Tip in the discussion board.  Feel free to delete this if necessary.

Hey Jon - 

Adding a word to your phone’s dictionary is generally a fairly easy action, but the method varies greatly depending on what type of phone you have. I would recommend doing a search for ‘add word to (your phone) dictionary’ to get the steps.

Ride on!

You’re not alone John. I noticed on instagram that there wasn’t a pre-existing #zwifttower hashtag, but there is a #swifttower one. :slight_smile: