Swift and Wahoo Kickr

Im new to hometrainers and i just bought a Wahoo kickr with the climber and im getting it delivered this upcoming week :wink:

Im uncertain what i need to prepare.

I have a flat screen and a stationary pc + my mobilephone samsung s9.

From what i can see i need a hdmi from my Pc to my tv.

Can my mobile phone send the information to my pc via the wifi in my house ?

Thanks in advance

hdmi from my Pc to my tv - yes this is your best option.

If you download the companion app on your phone then you can interact with the game from your phone.

I would suggest getting a Ant+ dongle for your PC. I assume the Kicker is Ant+

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as @Gerrie_Delport says, hdmi for tv connection and Ant+ for the Zwift Kickr connection (its way better and far more stable than the Blutooth.

The companion app makes the set-up that little bit better so dont forget it. For it to work it needs to be on the same network as your PC.

HDMI to TV, as my Zwift is in a different room to my PC, I use one of these, and then you can use with windows 10 “project” function

Microsoft Wireless Display V2 Adapter - Black

Just thought I’d mention