Swift Academy 3rd workout not registeredt

I just finished the 3rd Academy workout and right during the Saving process in the end, my phone shutdown(no battery).
The activity is showing on Zwift but as a ride and not the Academy workout.
I wrote to Swift and they said that can’t do anything. Weird, the file is there, all the mapping of the workout can be seen, it’s just a matter of counting as ‘done’.
Any ideas ?

They can fix it, but I guess they decided not to.

Always best to keep the phone on the charger while using Zwift. It eats battery. If you had it on a 1A charger then I’d use a 2A charger.

Yeah, I didn’t think about that…lesson learned …

I had same thing- completed the 3rd workout ride- it’s on my zwift activities, not credited… posted in this forum as well… crickets from zwift :cricket:

Hey. I decided to write again to Zwift, perhaps getting someone a bit more helpful and worked. Write to them and attach your .fit file. They will credit for you. You might have to insist a little