'Sweeper's' best camera view?

Occasionally get into a fenced ride where I’d just like to be getting in a bit more work than ‘riding the fence’ offers. I don’t ask to be assigned a ‘sweep’ position (wouldn’t even know how?), but will hang a bit off the back and try to help those that appear might be needing a little help closing a gap get back on. Does feel nice when I can help.

Issue is simply trying to ‘see’ what’s happening. The mini-map overview can be difficult to depend on
unless riders are truly spread out, and at that point reeling a struggling rider back in becomes far more difficult. In most camera views, you’re either seeing whats either directly in front of you or behind you.

Believe it’s only camera view #7 that shows a balance of riders both fore and aft your position, but it’s constantly changing elevation. Works perfect for a sweep’s needs for a few seconds - but flies off to some elevation so far off that one can no longer discern any individual riders, only the pack as a whole.

Hoping to hear there are some options/methods I’m not aware of, or haven’t considered, just to help curb my frustrations in this regard. Thanks in advance.


On Windows (and Mac too probably) you can hit 0 for a drone view. You can use the arrow keys to move left, right, up, down, the + to zoom in, and the - to zoom out.
Be warned though- using the arrow keys when approaching an intersection can put you going the wrong direction.