Sweat drops not being added after races

Any experiences with sweat drops not being added after rides/races and how this was fixed? Deperately need them back before a TTT.

Hi @Gerhard_Shaw2597, welcome to the forums.

Are you saying you aren’t seeing the drops increase while you are riding or racing? Or did one of your rides not save properly so you lost all your progress?

Zwift will not recover a lost ride, which means if you lost drops, xp, distance towards a goal, achievement badge, etc. they are gone forever.

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If you aren’t getting sweat drops after a race then you need to race harder :wink:

I’m not quite clear on what you mean here. So I’m going to take a guess, and apologies if I’m misunderstanding.

Drops are added while you ride. You can see your accounts cumulative total while you’re in a ride. This is your overall total and isn’t an extra amount that’s added on after your ride.

Drops are added while you ride… and isn’t an extra amount that’s added on after your ride.

And to add to this, even during a ride you won’t get drops while coasting (must be pedaling), and going uphill and/or getting ride-ons increases the rate at which you get drops while pedaling.

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Pretty much that. Strange that it saved rides to Garmin and Strava, and Zwift companion. It’s all there but drops (about 150k) gone. Back to square one. :thinking:

They did mail me back and i did have some photos to share but after sending… nothing yet. I have necer checked it before in such detail. I have only got about 49k climb and on level 23/4, but this time i needed it for an offroad TTT event, hence the Mtb purchase. Somehow the program screwed me🤪

I don’t recall, but you might be able to get the drops back if you can prove they should be there by contacting Zwift support@zwift.com

I know. Already on level 23/4 and 49k climbing. During the last 3 races (only the last three-have done many), my drops added as usual during race/ride. After saving race and following race and following race, i started with exactly tge same amount of drops as the race 3 days ago. All races saved to Zwift companion. No addition yo climbing or distance or drops on opening page or “garage”.

Done…waiting patiently for an answer😏

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Did you have another device with Zwift open as well? This can cause this behavior.

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Nope, we thought of that but it happened only in the last three races/rides. Always run it off my phone only. You are correct though. It happened once before but then the rides weren’t on companion either. This time they are all there. Will wait patiently for Zwift support to revert back. They answered very quick after initial question but after sending proof pics, nothing yet

Having Zwift open on another device (e.g. maybe logged in on a computer for any particular reason and then forgot to log out) might have nothing to do with your situation, but…

it happened only in the last three races/rides

…doesn’t guarantee that the two-device thing is not the problem. If you ever log in to Zwift on any other devices, it’s worth it to double check those and make sure you weren’t logged in (just browsing the log files on each particular potential device for login dates would settle it). Hope you can get it worked out one way or another.