Swapped to Direct Debit but still countdown appearing


I’ve recently swapped to direct debit (used to be monthly card payment). However the on-screen counter is showing 2km free trial remaining. Any idea how to get the payment to kick in so i can ride again?

Oh, i’m not using Apple Pay but i am running on an ATV :slight_smile:

Hi @Steve_Rodgers Welcome to the Zwift Community Forums!

Due to the nature of account issues and personal information, we prefer to handle these issues through our main support staff, I’ve sent you an email, feel free to follow up with us through that email if you need any additional assistance.

Hi Terry. Thanks for your reply. I’ve seen your direct email and thank you very much for sorting this for me.

Great response and customer service - thanks.

hi Terry, thanks for you help on this issue. I’ve just checked and it all looks great now. Really appreciate you sorting this for me . Regards , Steve

You’re welcome @Steve_Rodgers , I was happy to help get everything sorted out!