Swap Start Windows please

(Dmitry Shevyakov) #1

i have tacx bushido trainer and there is an interface problem with zwift app.

Firstly I must enter app and thats ok.

step2: i have to sit on bike spin pedals of my bike to link all sensors with zwift app (ok press auto).

step3. i have to leave my bike and select route to ride.

step 4 I have to sit on bike again and ride.

if you swap step3 and step 2  this scenario become very simple.

I enter app, select route to ride. then i sit on my bike, spin pedals a little, link sensors (auto ok button) and i am riding!

(Mishun H.Sugworth) #2

why sit on the bike to spin the pedals when you can use your hands ? :slight_smile:

(Dmitry Shevyakov) #3

cool idea! one more:

why have a good GUI - use console.

why spin pedals by legs on TDF? use hands. pedals is intend for spinning by legs and I want to spin it by legs.

may be making comfort interface is better idea?