Suspended on Zwift Power. Why?

Zwiftpower is awful due to its arbitrary nature.

For example, I was suspended yesterday just because I beat a race moderator.

They couldn’t find a reason to suspend me, weight and high was correct as was the equipment, so they went with “your Wattbike Atom is inaccurate” - you need to ride outside I was told (look on the Zwiftpower forum for the full conversation).

However, isn’t this an E-sport?

So why am I left justifying myself doing another sport (riding outside).

So I contacted Wattbike, in the meantime I’ve been left defamed as a cheat - for no good reason.

The arbitrary nature of my disqualification shows the system needs changing and Zwift need to take closer order of what is happening.

When honest brokers like myself are suspended and yet blatant cheats are still active then the system is broken.

you probably exceeded cevaz limits. 95% of time it means inaccurate power data, 5% of time it‘s a world class rider that should be able to supply outdoor data

Thanks Jan! That’s really helpful. Nobody explained this to me. I’ve just read up on it and I’ve hit 6w/kg for 5 mins. So rather than being suspended I should have been informed that I need to provide a second power reading or do something outside. Just signing up to a cycling club now and an old tour pro contacted me yesterday to help me out.

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Really? I find that hard to believe.

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You were clearly explained why and what to do yesterday at the zwiftpower forum. Instead you have gone rampage all over the web. Good going mate.


Please can you stop hiding behind pseudonyms. The profile indispute can be found under my real name.

It wasn’t explained at all by Zwiftpower or Zwift, yesterday the explanations were equally as vague. It took somebody on here to explain what was required.

Flagged for hitting 95%ile. Although that was not explained.

Wattbike maintaining the figure is accurate and Zwiftpower stating it’s not.

So stuck in a limbo for now. If you’d paid 1700 sterling for something that is now in dispute I dare say you’d not be best pleased.

The rules are listed at the top of every race, it’s not really ZwiftPower’s fault you didn’t read and/or understand them. And making up stuff about why you were suspended doesn’t really help.

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I was suspended because somebody in the race didn’t like my performance. That is a fact DaveH. There is no disputing that.

So it wasn’t because you beat a moderator then. Glad we cleared that one up. :+1:

Read the rules.


In the reply to what can charitiably be described as your blunt forum post

It was clearly explained the reasons that you could be suspended for, which were:

Elite level 20 mins (5.63 wkg) and 5 mins power (6.26 wkg)

No pedigree of racing at the highest level

No outside data to support zwift performances

No dual recording ( that is encouraged for elite level zwifters

Wattbike - well known to ZwiftPower Admins to be unreliable

The first one was reason that you were suspended - your performances are so good they need to be validated. The last is a potential reason that you (in complete innocence and no ill intentions what-so-ever) are registering high powers.

However, isn’t this an E-sport? So why am I left justifying myself doing another sport (riding outside).

Yes - and E-sport has rules set by the UCI and Zwift.


Valdiation of elite level rides is requried and part of the E-sports rules. Part of the valdiation process can be an outdoor ride.

A suspension is not an allegation of cheating - it is a statement that your results need valdiated following the protocols for E-sports.

Finally it may be worth perusing Zwiftpower forums. Here are some posts that have riders asking to have their results nuked because of suspect and known bad Wattbike readings:


Racing in the A+ cat come with a lot more verification.

I would suggest going outside with a PM and gather some data. You may try to jump on a friend’s trainer and compare results. Or if you can borrow some Power pedals.

This my be helpful:


Please keep this thread on the topic of " Free Zwift Power and return it to the creators"

Please create a new thread to discuss why people are disqualified from races.

Ride On!

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Can you help me out please. Do you know how I can get a second power reading on a Wattbike Atom? Wattbike are stating the bike is accurate.

Is there a power meter that can do this?

I only bought an atom so I wouldn’t get fat in running retirement. I didn’t expect to have this kind of chew. I wanted to pay the 1700 mess turn in an iPad and the job‘s done. Also want to avoid the road part if possible as got veneered front teeth from a bike crash in 2009. Thanks.


Borrow/Rent/Buy power meter pedals and use them in conjunction with the Wattbike - it has a standard pedal fitting. For example:

Thanks. Two final novice questions and I‘ll stop.

this crank: 4iiii-precision 105 r7000,

Do I screw off the old crank on the Atom and add the new one in?

And finally, doesn’t it just count revs? Will it know the gear and resistance to calculate power?

Thank you this has been helpful.

It has a built-in cadence sensor. Why would it care what gear you are in, it reads the force you are applying and broadcasts that to Zwift.

I don’t know anything about if it will fit or not, that is a questions for 4iiii.

Get a power meter pedal - it has standard pedal fittings so power meter pedals will fit. Cranks who knows - there are already a billion bottom bracket standards so chances are good it is a custom part.


Favero Assioma pedals are well worth considering, a single sided version is available if cost is a major factor.

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Having seen the original answer given you on the Zwiftpower forum, I think you should follow that advice. Trying to insinuate you have been unfairly treated does you no favours, in fact quite the opposite.

Borrow some power pedals, compare the data directly to the Atom, post the results. It’s not rocket science. If you can legitimately put out world class wattage, then fair play you deserve to be reinstated. But don’t be a ■■■■, people are trying to help you.