``Surprise Me`` route selection does note seem to work.

(Neil Riding) #1

Having a few issues with the Surprise Me route selection. I have been doing the 10 week FTP builder workouts for a couple of months now, and I usually pick the Surprise Me option for route. I`d like to ride different routes each time I ride. However it has not been working for me.

  1. In London it remembers the setting from week to week but it always puts me on the same route, 

  2. Watopia, it does not remember the selection from last time. I have to pick it each time, but it also always puts me on the same route.

(John Stekl (Lotus)) #2

I’m having the same problem

(S Stow TCC) #3

Same problem here. I select a different route either before the ride or after cancelling the the one it incorrectly selected for me, but it always puts me back on Hilly Route. Of which I am getting bored with


Any solutions ?