Surfeit of ZHQ events

My screenshot was of results, not signups. To your point about signups though it isn’t just ZP, sometimes an hour before the start a ZRacing race might have 10 people in my category, race time comes and it’s a field of 40. Nothing Zwift can do about that, usually I don’t decide to join one of those until 5 minutes before it starts.

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i hear ya. i don’t disagree with the sentiment. there’s probably a reason for zhq running as many events as they do, but i’ve never heard it. i ride a lot of them, but i’m not picky and i don’t always get to choose what time i get to ride. i guess that’s the idea?

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I wish there was some sort of slight incentive to sign up for races earlier.

Like joining the pens early, puts you at the front.

I know this would likely end up with people signing up for literally everything and never joining, just to be at the front of the pen… but I share the same frustration.

That’s mostly why I stopped doing any real public races in the Americas times, because nobody was ever signed up until last second. I’ve always used companion and signed up for my rides in the full 6 day advance.

Most of that light “frustration” goes into leading a ride to see only 20 people signed up, and trying to decide what we’re going to do; and then come ride time it’s 80 or more, and my plans are thrown out the window lol.

Is it the lack of people using companion outside of being on Zwift perhaps?

I would guess that most people are simply short on time and that is why they are joining at the last minute or within the last hour of the race start. It is my case for sure.

Notable exceptions are stage races like SISU Reissu that we just had last week - huge crowd and majority of people signed up early for the whole week. I see the same for other club events that are run every week but but not in many slots like the Rhino Case Race every Sunday evening.

The benefit of ZRS is simply that you know what to expect from that series and also that it starts at the same time each hour. Quantity that club events simply cannot do.

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If I were racing - I’m not sure I’d bother spending ages looking and planning to do particular race events because with my work I would never know if I would be free to do the planned event anyway, availability is so random.

I guess it’s the same for others.

For those people it’s not their problem if it messes with the team racing plans of others, they just have to adapt to changing race conditions.

Has it ever been considered/tried, to create a bit of urgency (act now!) with events, by advertising a max entrant limit and closing an event to new entrants once that number has been reached? Ie. kinda like an IRL club’s group ride

…just an experimental idea.

That’s unfair to those who don’t have the time flexibility to join well ahead of time. Then they’d probably have to withdraw or not even turn up.

Maybe some folks with “burner” accounts sign up and block out races completely so others can’t race.

Isn’t the problem expressed here, that only like 3 people sign up for an event? I also don’t understand the time flexibility thing. An event can be opened for registration week(s) in advance, and signing up takes about 12 seconds.

If you sign up for something in advance, are you absolutely sure you will be available at that time to do the race?

Maybe something work related comes up, a production system goes down and you have to be working at that time or an urgent meeting is scheduled.

What if some other urgent thing comes up at the time of the race?

Is that so hard to understand? I guess it must be.

Great scenario:

  • 100 people sign up for an event well in advance, the event is closed at that point
  • Near the time of the event, 95 people pull out (or don’t show up)
  • 5 people are actually in the event (because it is locked and nobody else can join)
  • 2 people get dropped near the start and rage quit

That race of 3 people would make thrilling racing I’m sure.

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I think you need to make up your mind what the problem is. Is there not enough ‘time flexibility’ to sign up for events; or lots of zwifters doing ‘burner accounts’, or that 95% of entrants for rides typically drop out at the last minute?

My mind is made up. It is your idea that has problems, sorry to be blunt but I was highlighting those.

I like the “limited entrants” idea as there’s a huge difference in experience between races with 20, 50, and 100 people in them. No shows would be an issue but hey one thing at a time.