Supported Equipment TACX T2010 I-Genius Smart - ANT+ FE-C compliant

(Steven Ferrie) #21

Yeah after a bit of research its the older model (T2000) so its useless for Zwift until the brake upgrade.

Due to the popularity of Zwift its going to make selling a lot harder also as the majority of people will be looking for ‘smart’ trainers that are compatible.  Was thinking of selling and getting a Vortex or something similar.

Object to paying the money to tacx for the upgrade.  Too close to Christmas and I have just bought a Garmin Edge 1000 and a GoPro Hero 4 sessions 

(Felix Zachlod CPR24) #22

John, I don’t see that he wrote he has a T2010, as mentioned before there is an i-genius (which is non smart) an i-genius multiplayer which basically is an i-genius with the streering mat included, a genius smart and an i-genius multiplayer smart (which again is a genius smart with a steering mat)… and of course cause this is not enough there are furthermore different versions of the ironman, which basically is a genius but with tacx trainer software and ironman videos included. If your genius has the bluetooth logo on the back besides the genius logo it is one of the smart variants and all of them are capable of ant+ fe-c.

Steven, To say that the trainer is now obsolete because it does not support the software you want to use now seems a bit unfair I think. At the time the i-genius came to the market there were neither trainers on the market that supported open protocols nor software that did. I think it is rather fair that tacx offers an upgrade for the trainer to make it ant+ fe-c capable.

(Steven Ferrie) #23

The upgrade costs £130!  You actually have to do half the job yourself aswell as you dont send the complete brake unit back only a part of it.  Postage also needs to be paid to the Netherlands. 

(khoa Lam) #24 

Only available in Europe it seems.  181.5 Euro.

(John Jefferson) #25

Felix, I have had this conversation, many times. The T2010 is I-Genius, and Smart. As for what Steven has I saw after my original reply that he unfortunately has a T2000 I-Genius which is not Smart. I sent a message correcting my original response. 

(Felix Zachlod CPR24) #26

I know it is not that cheap but I really don’t see the point. If you buy a 2D tv and half a year later everyone wants 3D tv because there are a lot of 3d films and 3d tvs on the market you can’t blame anyone for that you decided to buy a 2d tv. And if the manufacturer offers you to upgrade it to 3d for the price of 20% what your paid initially thats not that bad, is it? There is no upgrade for any other trainer on the market at all if I see that correctly. (except the vortex smart and bushido smart which already had the necessary hardware aboard when they were released).

John, yes I know the difference. I am absolutely aware. I personally refused to buy a trainer which is not open to other software and observed the trends until the first open trainers came to the market. First had the vortex smart and now the genius smart.

(Russ Reardon) #27



Really confused by all of above. I have an i-Genius - multiplayer, it says 2021 on the motor. Does anyone know if Zwift should be able to control it? 

(John Jefferson) #28

Agreed all confused. 2021 is just a part of the Genius unit. 

If your unit is older than Sept last year than it probably does not support ZWIFT or any other third party software. Even if purchased after that date there is no guarantee, as old stock may have been sold cheap!  If your box has T2080, or T2010 on it, then you should be lucky.

Ultimately it is free to sign up, and use in the first instance, so you can test it yourself


john j


(Eric ) #29

Is the model the T2021? Or is that what it says on the resistance unit?

(John Jefferson) #30

It is the resistance unit. It is the spares number. Below is a PDF Schematic of the old T2020 system with various part numbers dated 10/2014. Which is pre Smart.

Hope below clears the mist for any reading in the future:

Genius Systems  - The number on the box:

T2010, T2080 are Smart - Zwift compatible

T2000, T2020 are not -  There is a cost upgrade for Europeans, which allows connectivity to Zwift etc

The only differences between a T2010 and T2080, are how the front wheel is mounted and if you get a Multiplayer licence in the box.






(Tim) #31

If you have the older i-Genius (not Smart) then you can purchase an upgrade to make it “Smart” so can use with Zwift.

I have just ordered one.