Supported Equipment TACX T2010 I-Genius Smart - ANT+ FE-C compliant

(John Jefferson) #1

When first setting up there is a list of supported equiment from which you chose your device. The dropdown only has a few TACX devices which does not include the above. Question is this, other than defining your trainer (smart) does it have to be exact. Will measurements be different. I notice that my efferot does not seem to match on screen quiet often.


(John Jefferson) #2

equipment, effort, quite!!!

(Jason K) #3

The Tacx I-Genius isn’t one of our supported trainers, which is why you’re seeing inaccurate readings. It sounds like you paired an ANT+ speed sensor, which in turn opens up the zPower/classic trainer selection menu. This is only intended for the four Tacx trainers highlighted there, so selecting one of those options if you’re not actually using that trainer will give incorrect wattage.

If you have an ANT+ power meter, you’ll be able to use any trainer with Zwift and get accurate readings, so you could consider that route if you’re attached to your I-Genius. Otherwise, you may want to consider a different trainer.

(John Jefferson) #4

That’s funny, According to TACX, the T2010 uses/is ANT+ FE-C. Also on there website they have your software listed.

‘All of our trainers are freely accessible since June 2015 as they are able to speak the ANT+ FE-C language. You can now adjust the resistance of our Smart trainers and check your speed, cadence and power with other software. The following software packages speak this new language too and allow you to control our trainers:
Zwift >’

Am I not getting something. Using ZWIFT I feel uphill and downhill. When you say unsupported do you mean each unit has to be specifically defined to your software? I am just trying to find where the disconnect is between my device,which is ANT+ FE-C compliant and ZWIFT.

(John Jefferson) #5

My understanding from above, is that you have to do some sort of bench test to get exact readings and so support each individual trainer? 

Hopefully soon, are there timelines for introduction of new trainers once you are out of beta.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #6

I see where the confusion is - Tacx has released a new version of the i-Genius that is ANT+ FE-C compatible. The previous generation of the i-Genius was NOT compatible with Zwift.

Update the firmware to be ANT+ FE-C compliant (though, perhaps with this new version, it does not need to be updated) and Zwift should recognize it under “Controllable Trainers.”

(John Jefferson) #7

Ok great thanks will continue to use. I just was not sure if there was anything to be done, by ZWIFT. 

(Mark Hewitt) #8

AFAIK the new version of the trainer is called the Genius Smart, not i-Genius, which is a different trainer with different internals.

(John Jefferson) #9

There are two “Genius” versions available.

T2010 which is I-Genius, and the T2080 which is Genius. The only difference between the two other than the names, is that the T2010 comes with the BlackTrack. Both are FE-C.


(khoa Lam) #10

If the TACX trainer is labeled ‘SMART’ any where in its name, then it wil be FE-C compliant and therefore you should be able to use it with ZWIFT.  The T2010 is so you’re good to go.  The T2080 is also good.

(Felix Zachlod CPR24) #11

The i-Genius is NOT the same hardware as the genius smart. The difference is that the i-Genius has an older ant+ chip with less channels. This is very unfortunate, as generally speaking the iGenius is the best trainer in the range (just below the new neo smart). Because of the lack of ant+ channels the igenius cannot be upgraded to a genius smart just using software. It is simply missing the additional ant+ channel for the fe-c control.

Tacx had announced a factory upgrade for the igenius but I don’t know if this is actually happening.

Please take a look here.

BTW. The vortex smart and bushido smart usually need a firmware upgrade too before they support FE-C. This can only be done using a RECENT iphone or ipad, as it needs a recent ios version and bluetooth smart support in the phone/tablet. This is really annoying stuff. A very good idea by tacx supporting a open protocol but such bad information policy and complicated upgrade process.

I assume the genius smart and neo smart will come with fe-c support directly from the factory as they have been released AFTER tacx had announced fe-c support for all smart trainers. But I am curious too if the genius smart will do a good job with zwift. Considering to buy one as it has a really interesting price point for a training with such a wide resistance range.

BTW I am currently using a vortex smart which is working abolutely seamlessly with zwift. Very good support of this piece of hardware.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #12

This is straight from Tacx:

The following trainers are compatible and have FE-C installed from the factory

  • T2010 Genius Multiplayer Smart (has ANT+ dongle included so can direct connect)
  • T2060 Ironman Smart
  • T2080 Genius Smart

Granted, the Ironman Smart is just the Vortex Smart (but a newer version so it just has ANT+ FE-C already installed) but it was part of the same question we asked a few days ago.


(Felix Zachlod CPR24) #13

yes, you are right, tacx calls the t2010 i-genius multiplayer smart and makes the confusion perfect. The original igenius is the t2020 and the i-genius multiplayer the t2000. the original models lack fe-c support, the smart models have it. The multiplayer version includes the steering mat which the non-multiplayer version does not include.

The t2060 (ironman smart) is NOT a version of the vortex but a version of the genius which includes special software options if I see that correctly.


(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #14

No, you are correct about the Ironman. It’s just that confusing!

(John Jefferson) #15

Well I am riding happily with my I-Genius Multiplayer Smart T2010. I presume like most systems there will be some fine tuning as time goes by. Which was the original question…enjoy and ride…

(Steven Ferrie) #16

John , im trying to connect my i-genius multiplayer , but the device is not showing on Zwift , any ideas or have i forgot to do something ?

The ant dongle is finding the brake unit no problem in the tacx software , but Zwift is not detecting it at all


(khoa Lam) #17

Steven, unless its s *SMART* branded Genius, it won’t be FE-C complaint which means you won’t be able to use it with Zwift or any third party software.  

(Steven Ferrie) #18

Great!  £900+ for a trainer not even 12 months old thats already obsolete.

I see tacx are doing a ‘smart’ upgrade. Looking at another £150+ for that when postage is included.  

(John Jefferson) #19

Steven, your T2010 is SMART. Let’s get that cleared up now. When I first used my T2010. It worked first time. Make sure that your dongle is close to the left side of the brake as you look back to it from the front of the bike. Also to test I would install the TACX SW, and see if it sees your brake. Unfortunately I can’t help much beyond that. T2010 works, on ZWIFT. Also be aware the firmware of the brake will probably need updating, as part of bringing it up to date, but this should not stop it connecting in the first instance. contact TACX, and they will send you a link to the firmware update. 

Hope that helps

(John Jefferson) #20

Steven, sorry if it is a T2000, no it will not work unless, you get an upgrade, which is a physical change to your brake and antennae.