Is there actually a way to get hold of anyone at Zwift?
I have tried calling and emailed. But no success for several days now. Chat is also permanently off. I understand that things are not as normal at the moment but what is the point of a web based training option if you can’t get support in a reasonable time?
So hope that someone from Zwift is reading this and finally gets back to me.

What issues are you having maybe the users on the Forums can assist you.


Zwift support is extremely backlogged at the moment due to COVID-19 and the huge increase in new users, coupled with having to work from home (while homeschooling kids), so please have some patience as they work through all the requests.

Let us know what your issue is and maybe we can help.


Hi Mike,

Thanks for responding.

As I said I do understand - I hope Zwift is also understands that some of their members have special needs and could benefit from some exceptions to the normal way Zwift operates… I believe that you have received requests for lowering membership fees etc so I hope you have done that for people who can’t afford your service. Especially since Zwift is asking for its costumers to be supportive and understanding that current support is sub-optimal.

Anyways… fortunately I am in the situation to be able to afford a membership and am happy to pay for a good workout.

I am contacting you for a different reason:

I have a basic trainer (Tracx Motion) and try to figure out how best to simulate inclines. Per set up my basic setting on the trainer is a “3”. So how would I simulate inclines of for example 1%, 2%, 3%, etc?
Would I use the shifter of the trainer or would I have to simply increase my gear on the bike?

Thanks a bunch.

You would shift the gears on your bike, DO NOT change the resistance setting of the trainer.


This should help you setup and pair your trainer.

You don’t need to adjust the trainer setting, it always stay on the same setting.

If you keep your gears and RPM on the same speed and you start to climb 2% then your speed in the game will go down because it need more power going up that on a flat road. If you want to go faster on a climb 2%,3% or 12% you have to change your gears to a bigger gear in the front and the small gear at the back.

So if you look at a typical Power/speed plot for a trainer (this is for another trainer just for example)

If your wheel is doing 25km/h then the software know you are doing 180w
If your wheel is doing 40km/h then the software know you are doing 320w


Great! Thank you!!!
Just an idea - since you guys were able to help so quickly on the forum maybe just update the message on your website indicating that both email and phone services are currently either significantly delayed or not working (phone) and that solutions might be found on the forum (with link to forum). I believe that this might solve some of the general issues.
Stay well


good suggestion @MH2020, I’m glad the forum was able to help!

Just to be clear, I don’t work for Zwift, just trying to be a helpful fellow Zwifter like Paul and Gerrie.