Support Frustration - Is there anybody there?

My son’s account seems to have been deleted. No warning and despite filling out a Coppa form and receiving acknowledgement in September 2020.

We originally thought it was a simple password issue, however now having seen various posts it looks like we have been caught up in the child deletion process.

I have submitted 4 Coppa support requests and an email. I have tried chat numerous times but there is never an agent available. I did get on a chat with an Ambassador, but he was unable to help.

It would be good to get some feedback - how much backlog do Zwift have, is there any prospect of getting this resolved in the near future?


Please use this thread: Childs Account deleted

And this: Can't Log In to Your Child's Account? Guardians Please Read [January 2021]

Closing this one.

Ride On!

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