Support for Tacx older smart trainers

(John Taylor) #101

Also have added “erg mode” where trainer adjusts resistance to match target power:

Also a quick picture of how well Antifier matches up against a Powertap when calibrated :slight_smile:

(John Taylor) #102

Headless support added for raspberry pi:

sudo python -l -c power_calc_factors_imagic.txt (-s , -d)

See Readme for instructions

(John Taylor) #103

It seems the values for resistance reported by the trainer is dependent on the wheel unit rather than the head unit! I’m pushing a fix through for this now

(John Taylor) #104

Can Fortius owners please test new build:

(paha SBG [ZHU]) #105

John, can I also test my Fortius with the Linux version?

(John Taylor) #106

Sure- install with:

wget -O - | sudo sh

This will create a directory “antifier” with required scripts in. Could you also run

sudo python tacx\_trainer\

and send me the created tacx_trainer_debug.log?

(John Taylor) #107

Now added power curve generation to the package also. Please submit any generated to the GitHub site :slight_smile:

(Jo-) #108

I get this far with my Fortius connected to one Computer… & …Another Computer running Zwift 

Trainer Not detected 

Confirmed Broadcast with Simulated Trainer 

When pedaling trainer, Zwift does not respond, no movement. 

I dont think I missed anythng… But I might have … 

Thanks for all your hard work so far … 




(John Taylor) #109

Ensure the trainer is switched on(!) and is installed as a libusb device. If still not working then run with debug option and send me the log (instructions in readme.txt)

(John Taylor) #110

Please note we now have 2 specific builds: and

Please use the architecture specific to your Windows installation. The previous non-specific build has been removed.

Lots if changes being opushed through including Mac compatibility so if you’re finding something doesn’t work ensure you’ve got the latest version. Hopefully things will settle in the next couple of weeks and we git rid of any remaining problems

(Ha Waltie) #111

Can i use a raspberry pi zero for the python script that converts the usb to ant? I just bought a second hand t1925 unit and 2 ant+ dongles. I cant wait to upgrade my grand excel to a swift capable device! Thanks for all the hard work!

(John Taylor) #112

Yes that should be fine. I’ve not tested with that unit but I’m sure we can get it working!

(John Taylor) #113

Just for interest, here’s the power curves for the iFlow- power on y axis, speed on x, resistance levels 0 - 13

(Dave Miller) #114

I have an old windows XP 32 bit computer I used to use with my Tacx I-magic.  I replaced the green head unit with the white/ blue when I switched to 64 bit.  Can I use the old computer simply to send the ant signal?  If so, which head unit would I use?  

(John Taylor) #115

Yes you can. I’d probably use the blue and white head unit

(Grant Geske) #116

John, I am going to work on setting this up with my Fortius today and I just wanted to say that this is really amazing. Thanks to you and all of the people that pitched in. I will report back with how it goes!

(Jo-) #117

@John T … Thank you for your help so far … Your instructions will move me forward . 

(Jo-) #118

Just got done with 50k on Zwift with Fortius …((I am using one computer 2 ANTs .Sigma ANT HR .  )) . Worked perfectly,  . .Gentlemen, there are no words that can express my gratitude, you saved me $900 or so, my Tacx wont be tossed aside and will go on being a useful tool. I commend your hard work and expertise.

I think what I was missing before is that you have to start the script and be pedaling  . Do I have that right? 

I’ll see if I can do it again tomorrow - At the moment there is a nice pool of sweat on the matt under the trainer … Im a happy guy !! 


(Kjetil Kirkholt) #119

Hi Joe.

You dont really have to start pedaling,
When Antifier has been started, found your trainer and ANT stick and the “start script” button is pushed, the ANT stick will start transmitting data even if the data is “0”

My experience is that sometimes it can be nessesary to unplug and plug the ANT sticks if you experience any issues.

The script should be started first and then Zwift, but based on my experience it is not nessesary. I have restarted Antifier after Zwift has been started and already paired and it worked fine.

My advice to you is to play around with Antifier and Zwift to get to know the program and what will work or not and for you. In this way you build experience to find your way out of any connection problem at a later time.

(paha SBG [ZHU]) #120

Joe, how did you feel, was your ride in Zwift together with the trainer realistic?  Did you have to calibrate something before?