Support for Tacx older smart trainers

(Jo-) #81

… Gentlemen Your work is appreciated … First for the Hardware … 

 Tacx Fortius with working head unit, a PC with Windows ?? or does it matter? ANT+ Receiver ((got a SUUNTO… worked last year receiving Cadence Speed)) My question is, How does the TACX head unit communicate to the PC, it was a Printer Cable what replaces that, or does nothing replace that ??

 Thanking you in advance for your hand holding . JG



(John Taylor) #82

Your head unit connects to your windows PC with a usb cable. The same pc then broadcasts data via an ANT dongle, either to another ANT dongle on the same PC or another PC running Zwift, or to an ANT enabled tablet running Zwift

(John Taylor) #83

I’m happy to report we’ve cracked the older 1932 unit too. We just now need to produce a power curve, so if you’ve got a 1932 and access to a power meter please let me know

(Jo-) #84

John … Oh!! … ANT Dongles can either receive and broadcast . Do I have this right? I didnt know that. . OK, What Brand Dongles are you using? … I might as well work with what I know works . Thanks … JG

(John Taylor) #85

We’ve used both Garmin and Suunto but others have used less well known brands. It seems there are only two kinds of chip in then so you should be good whatever

(John Taylor) #86

Post pics of your trainer units (the thing on the wheel!) please along with what they’re called!

I’m glad to say the Zwiftification script is nearly done and we’ve almost got all the bugs squashed. We now support both the 1932 and 1942 head unit but we’d like to generate the power curves for all the various trainer units. For instance I have an i-Flow which looks like the picture below. Can anyone help with identifying the models of trainer that Tacx have produced and that we’d ideally support? For models without a specific power curve we can supply a generic power curve you can tweak.

(Hans Olsén) #87

Thanks Kjetil, I find that information when I look at other comments. I shall try that. But my Tacx TTS program will not find the VR interface after changed the usb driver.

Any solution for that?

(Kjetil Kirkholt) #88

You need two ANT+ dongles to make it work.

(paha SBG [ZHU]) #89

Hi John, this is the unit of my Tacx Fortius Multiplayer (


There’s an additional network adapter too:


Thank you.

(Hans Olsén) #90

Hi again,

have now tried with two usd Ant+ dongles and it work fine with Zwift!

Many thanks to John, Kjetil and others that have made this solution, you make my day and tomorrow to! :slight_smile:

Now can I use my Fortius multiplayer and did not need to buy a new “smart” trainer to be abel to join Zwift, SUPER!

The only issue I have left is that now did not my Tacx TTS software work if I did not change the driver everytime I want to switch between using Zwift and TTS but I think the best solution is to use two computers (or WM ware) to solve the problem. Or did you have some other solution in mind?

Thanks anyway!


(Jo-) #91

My second dongle should be here tomorrow … I had the same concern - my TTS4 since I have used since 2009 wont work if I configure as indicated. So I was going to do the same, use 2 computers … I have an older Laptop with Vista on it . Would that work ?? And again thanks for your help … 

(John Taylor) #92

If you don’t want to change your tacx driver then I’d recommend running the script on a second computer. I’ve only tested on windows 10 and Ubuntu Linux. I’d be unsure if Vista would work but give it a go. We’ve done a lot of work on the script over the last couple of weeks and we now have a GUI and quite a lot of bug fixes. One last extended test tonight then I’ll build the windows exe and python scripts for linux and post them.

(paha SBG [ZHU]) #93

If you don’t have a 2nd computer just use Virtualbox or similar virtualization and install a 2nd OS in the virtual box.

(Rob Sansone) #94

I am befuddled why zwift will not do this for you… I have an Elite Realaxiom USB and zwift will scan for that USB trainer. Meanwhile I am excited to see progress because I have a Tacx flow (without T1932) sitting in a pile. I may order a Tacx upgrade for it because of your great work!! thanks

(Gerrie Delport TeamODZ) #95

Roberto - I was thinking the same thing when I started following the progress here - but i think the difference is Elite gave Zwift the code/api or what the programming guys call it but with Tacx it is community based. I guess if tacx were more open Zwift would have jumped on this. 

This is my personal opinion. 

(paha SBG [ZHU]) #96

As far as I remember someone wrote earlier in this thread that Tacx simply refuses requests from Zwift about supporting old trainers.  They want to force users to buy their newer models to be able to use them with Zwift.

(John Taylor) #97

I’m happy to announce version 0.9 of the Antifier. Windows version is here:

download, extract to where you want it and double click antifier :slight_smile:

Please take the time to look through the Readme to get best use, esp. wrt to picking a power curve. At the moment I only have a validated power curve for the i-magic so if you’ve got a Fortius and a power meter let me know. You need a second ANT dongle, and it can be run from the same PC as Zwift, or another. It will also work with Trainerroad.

If you’ve got a problem, ensure you’ve read the readme first 


Add power curve generation
Fix power factor window
Fix head unit button functionality

(James Budge) #98

Amazing work!

This is great, very excited to be able to use my Fortius.

The only issue I have is that I don’t have a linux or windows machine. 

Do you think it would it be possible to run this on a raspberry pi?

Then could use my Mac laptop to run Zwift.

You were asking about the different motor units people have in a previous post. Don’t know if this is still useful but I have one that looks the one listed as 1941 in this image: 

Thanks again!



(paha SBG [ZHU]) #99

James I also have this motor.

(John Taylor) #100

Yes absolutely. Just run from a pi with raspbian installed then sudo youll need a monitor for the GUI but there’s no reason once you’re happy that we can’t run it headless