Support for Tacx older smart trainers

(L Cliff 65+) #41

Have a Tacx Neo with ~80 hours on it as reported by Zwift, and the unit died. No lights, no lovely hum when idling. Things break that happens; what wasn’t expected is poor customer support. 

(Jo-) #42

Robert … Here I am, deep in the summer, out on a real bike, but I poked in here and saw that you have apparently done the needed work to make the Not So Smart Fortius be pretty smart, the problem now is me, Im not that smart - And while you instructions seem clear and concise - I kept hearing this whooshing sound as things flew over my head … 

 Ok here is my proposal - Is it possible for this adaptive device to be made by someone who would make it and sell them? … OK - OK … I KNOW this is a can of worms, Tacx might not like hijacking their stuff  - Zwift might not like hacked software… I can imagine there many reasons for someone to not want to get involved … But …I’ll go first … Im in for say a couple hundred USD’s  - Way cheaper than a new gizmo - Anyone else “IN” ?? in the Northern Hemi there are many many more good riding days … but soon barring an acceleration of Global Warming the snow will fly and I’ll be wishing I had something that worked … 

(John Taylor) #43

Since the protocol for Tacx has already been reverse engineered, it’s just a matter of getting a dongle on e.g. a raspberry pi to broadcast, rather than receive, the data. I’ll have a look around

(paha SBG [ZHU]) #44

Hi guys, I’m wondering if there’s any news here.  The winter is coming… :) 

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #45

Hi Peter,

Tacx has asked us to direct all questions regarding older Tacx trainers and their compatibility back to them:

They will be best equipped to answer that question.


(paha SBG [ZHU]) #46

Hi Eric, what does it mean regarding using these old trainers with Zwift?  Except the usual get-a-power-meter-and-you-can-use-swift answers…  Thank you.

(John Taylor) #47

So I’ve got the Tacx protocol reverse engineered and have a working ANT+ transmitter

Everything written in Python so I’d envisage the Tacx trainer plugged into a Raspberry Pi and an ANT+ dongle transmitting to Zwift.

I’m not a developer, just an enthusiastic amateur. If anyone wants to help me wrap the code up I’d be grateful, otherwise I’ll try to put something up in the next few weeks

(paha SBG [ZHU]) #48

This is really good news John, thank you.

I’m not a python expert but if I can help somehow as a web developer, just let me know. 

Testing, or buying parts, whatever. 

You can reach me @paha77 on Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

(. KeithD [WKG](c) Final Front EAR) #49

Fantastic John. If it works I have a Fortius unit and know of two others who have them. Although I now have a  Tacx Genius trainer I am sure it will be able to put  the Fortius to good use where now it sits gathering dust.  

(paha SBG [ZHU]) #50

KeithD: +1 :slight_smile:

(. KeithD [WKG](c) Final Front EAR) #51

Peter Bakonyi-Karpati using the Fortius or I-Magic with a power meter is a non starter as far as I can see. Without connection so that there is some  resistance you just spin. Very disappointed with Tacx.  £500 +trainers are just useless junk without   ANT+ connection. 

(paha SBG [ZHU]) #52

Yes I know but this is the only option Zwift (or Taxc) currently offer.  And even if you use your Fortius with his own TTS4, the software itself is also disappointing with a strange user interface and full of bugs.

(John Taylor) #53

Happily the python script I’ve written can control the resistance on Tacx trainers

(paha SBG [ZHU]) #54

OMG John I can’t wait to try it.  :slight_smile:

(Stian Maurstad) #55

Amazing John!!

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #56

Or you can use what John did :slight_smile:

That’s pretty cool, man!

(Jo-) #57

Ok … I cant be the only one with a not so Smart Trainer scratching his head thinking … Ok Now What? . do I wait a bit and use my good old Fortius or go buy a Flux-Neo-Kickr … HELP !! 

(Kjetil Kirkholt) #58

Hi John,

Nice work, i have a old tacx flow T2200 i would like to “smartify” :slight_smile:

Im a electronics developer with some python experience and have access to resources that knows python well.
I would like to help out if i can. My goal is to make a small dongle that can be plugged into the bike.

Please contact me on 

(paha SBG [ZHU]) #59

@John Taylor do you have some news for us?  The winter is coming (on the northern hemisphere at least) and a few of us would be really happy to test our older trainers with your solution.  Thank you.

(John Taylor) #60

First commit to github this morning. Can now broadcast ANT+ power from iflow connected to intermediate PC via USB. Just need to add speed and cadence and alter resistance from Swift. I’ll keep you posted: