Support for Tacx Black Track and Neo Track.

(Ramon Perez USCG) #21

I’m onboard with everyone else.  A feature I like of TACX virtual worlds is that I can steer in the direction I want to go.  This feature would be an excellent addition to the ZWIFT platform.  I just recently joined ZWIFT, but after freely riding TACX virtual worlds for so long, I find the routing options in ZWIFT extremely limited.  It should be an easy addition to the coding to allow input from the blacktrack to at least control the left/right course options of the preset courses.

(C abbage) #22

Yes please! Steering would be great but at least the ability to use the steerer on the Tacx blacktrax to pick a direction at the junction points. Keep up the good work guys! 

(Rupert Nanni) #23

Add my name to the support for steering controls. Also a Blacktrack owner

(Greg Gleason) #24

I agree this would be a nice addition so count me in as wel!

I will offer up my time and my track for testing and even send you one if you need one for development. :slight_smile: