Support for Tacx Black Track and Neo Track.

(James Stegeman LakeConroeTX) #1

Hello.  I thought it might be nice to support the steering controls as provided by Tacx Black Track and Neo Track devices; perhaps just a simple control allowing one to steer into a turn on the course or to make a u-turn.

(. TomH..) #2

Hi James, 

I’m totally with you on this one with and so are many more Zwifters! I’ll add your vote to already existing request and hopefully more people will help us to vote it up and we’ll put it on our radar soon :slight_smile:

Thank you! 

(Andrew Jarrod) #3

I have a Neo, but the last thing I’d want is having to steer under normal riding.  The only time I can see this being useful is to select which way to turn at a junction.  But that’s a lot of money to spend on a 3-way pointing device.

(Daniel Sweeney) #4

I am all in for steering capabilities too. Count me in!

(K Smith) #5

I’m all in too… up-voted.


Also, I would simple like to see my Avatar lean into corners more realistically then it is now…  It simply looks like the avatar is on rails when he rounds a corner…    Maybe this is technically more difficult then it sounds, but it sure would add to the realism (and not give me as much vertigo)


That could be great to have the opportunity to steering by Tacx Black Track while riding. Hope you ll realised it soon. 

(Caleb Thompson) #7

I’d like to see steering capability too for the Neo Track.  

(Richard Corley) #8

I agree, it would be great to be able to pull over to the right side when slowing to stop, or out to the left to pass.

The Neo Track seems to have great potential for use in Zwift

(Patrick Spiers) #9

Already have the Neo Track so would be great to be able to use that instead of reaching for the keyboard or another device with my hands during a ride.

Seems like there would be a lot of possibilities to explore with a steering device…

Worth a beta test! :slight_smile:

(Richard Corley) #10

Agreed, it apparently uses Ant+ standard such that the programming shouldn’t take much additional work. I have just ordered the Smart Update and will get an Ant+ antenna as part of that package, which could enable Zwift to get the data from the Neo Track.

(Michael Shaw) #11

Can I add another to the list of people who would like this. Just got one for xmas and don’t like the Tacx virtual worlds. Love Zwift and would love to be able to steer myself around. For people saying they don’t want to worry about steering, I’m sure that a quick feature to turn it off could be made! 

(Harold Rex) #12

I have a Vortex and also like to use my Black Track with Zwift just for the steering at points in the game.

(Allan Rutland - TT1 (KMB)) #13

Would love to see this feature also. As Harold said above, doesn’t need to be free roaming all over the road but a simple turn when we get to the usual junctions in game.

(Harold Rex) #14

Hands free steering at turn points would be the best.  Come on Zwift you need to keep improving the game or it will die on the vine. 

(Mark Cane (C)) #15

Another request from a Neo track owner.

(Hayley Winder) #16

I bought the Neo Track as for some reason thought that it could be used in Zwift already! Pretty please add it as a feature otherwise I have stupidly wasted my money!!! Tacx virtual worlds don’t come close.

(John Robinson) #17

I would love to see support for the neo tack as well. Remember software sells hardware and vice versa. It is a win win situation. I am sure there are more people using zwift due to the real road support added to zwift + Tacx Neo. There will be more users using Zwift + Neo Track. Keep up the software development and the evolution of hardware and I will keep coming back to zwift, if not I will look else where…

(Joe Razmek*USMES*) #18

Come on Zwift… Lets get some support on this. 


Zwift just make it, it would be really nice for all users!

(Philip Amos) #20

I think this would be great for making turning decisions when navigating Zwift or for performing U-Turns.