Support for non standard wheel sizes

I have a Sportstech ESX500 and was told it wasn’t supported by Zwift due to it having a non standard wheel size. I’m guessing this isn’t the only exercise bike to not be supported, so I was wondering how difficult it would be for Zwift to add support for this? Surely it’s just a matter of adding a calculation based on the wheel size of the bike? I’m sure a database of exercise bikes with non standard wheel sizes could be collated in a short period of time. I’d love to see my bike work with Zwift, it works perfectly well with my current app Kinomap.

The problem is not the wheel size. It is that there is no power curve for the spin bike an no way for Zwift to know at what resistance you have it set at.


Okay, the Zwift customer service said it was wheel size. How does Kinomap get this information then? It outputs cadence, power, heart rate, and automatically adjusts the resistance.

ESX500 - Home trainer with impressive functions

If you want to quickly and efficiently make your body fit, our ergometer with its console compatible with application is ideal. It has many programs, a flywheel of 12 kg for synchronous operation without energy loss, a smooth resistance adjustment and uses modern technology: If you want to train your cardiovascular system perfectly and improve your endurance, our device is essential for you.


  • Console compatible with application
  • Transport wheels
  • Flywheel of 12 kg
  • Belt drive system
  • 3-piece pedals with ball bearing
  • Motor-controlled 16-level magnetic braking system on 16 levels
  • 12 pre-installed training programs
  • Manual drive mode, Watts and 4 HCR functions

KinoMap is built in.

That’s the bike I have, Kinomap isn’t built in. It just connects via Bluetooth. It’s a standard lcd screen console and connects to a phone/tablet/tv to use Kinomap.
There’s a few other apps it works with as well, but not Zwift.

I did not know it has bluetooth.

If it send power data over the standard Bluetooth protocol then you should be able to connect to it as a power source.

But I guess they use their own protocol.