Support for DKN Treadmill

I have a DKN Roadrunner treadmill; will this be supported in the future?

@Allan - does it have BLE? If not, then you need to see if it has the CSAFE port, which you can then connect to a Wahoo GymConnect module.

We support ANY treadmill that has BLE (or ANT+ if you are using a Mac/PC with ANT dongle). So it’s not a matter of supporting of a given treadmill. It’s whether or not that treadmill has industry standard connectivity.


Zwift Game Design

It does have Bluetooth but not Ant+, it works with my android tablet. Zwift doesn’t detect it from my Mac book air sadly.


are you able to see it with other fitness apps on your MBA? We will pick up any BLE sensor that broadcasts the appropriate “type” (i.e., “I’m a treadmill”). Are you able to pick up other BLE sensors on your MBA?


I haven’t tried it to be honest, I only use the tablet. The treadmill doesn’t pick up my BLE HRM, so there are compatibility issues with it. I only use the MBA for Zwift as cycling is my main interest. I’ll need to find out exactly which standards it supports. Thanks for your help…