Super low IQ background pacing mode

when Zwift isn’t the primary focus, utilize major total-screen color alterations to indicate whether the avatar is behind the pack, behind the ghost, ahead of the pack, or ahead of the ghost. This way I can pace myself with the fewest brain cells possible while I play my MMO online video games without having to actually glance at the screen which is displaying Zwift.

also it would be nice if you could somehow make it compatible with my computer so that I can play Zwift on my new machine. It’s not booting up.
Windows 10 64 bit, 7800x3d cpu, 6900xt gpu, amd expo 32gb 6000mhz cl30 ram, 1 displayport 1440p monitor @ manually down-tuned 60 hz, 1-2 hdmi displays @ 60 hz. game not booting. thx.

I imagine the Launcher Log or Log.txt in your Documents/Zwift folder will have some explanation to help hunt things down.

Otherwise; just popping in to say that’s definitely among the most unique setups I’ve ever seen with a monitor slung under a glass desk like that before. Bravo for being so unusual!