Super Common Feature Requests

That’s a shame @Dave_ZPCMR, you are one of the most knowledgeable members of the community. :pensive:


I’m sure that will come. See here for updates on suggestions so far.

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Pretty sure it has been requested before but, it would be awesome to see target RPM for each workout intervals in the workout HUD (top left). We only see the target power (we have to check on external website like what’s on Zwift).

Most workout intervals do not have target RPMs, though, just watts. And when there are target RPMs this is displayed, as well as a message of ‘pedal faster/slower’ if you’re out of range.

Actually, most of the workouts I’m doing have a lot of RPM targets (Build Me Up, TT Tune Up, 4wk FTP booster. etc.). I know that the target is shown in the central HUD (with the message to pedal slower or faster). I just think it would be a simple and very nice addition to the upper left workout intervals HUD (especially that I’ve got prepared music playlists with exact RMP tempos (60-65-70-75-80-etc.) so it would be a great quick way to prepare the changes.

I think a PB bot would easily be manageable as well as velodrome, custom jerseys would take awhile, and a family plan would be helpful for about .01% of Zwifters.

You realize zwift is working and has work to do, and that they are making LOTS of progress, pace partners do not take the place of pb bots but they are motivating and usually have groups of people to chat with, which a pb not wouldn’t have…

Happy to take a punch in the nose for this but I did search first and couldn’t see anything.

The Ma soc hist Badge (climb AdZ 25 times) - had to edit the word! {Come on Zwift! You use it yourself!}

Could we have our current number of climbs as a silhouette in the grey circle?

I don’t subscribe to Strava and can’t think of any other way to easily see current total.

Many thanks in eager anticipation.


Your move if you want to go slower is to choose a mtb

Listen to the Founder’s Podcast. He worked on Ratchet and Clank! One of my favorite games of all times, Ratchet and Clank, Tools of Destruction! Ratchet and Clank, A Rift Apart launched, apparently an awesome game, and the best part is the roller coaster type visuals.

How about tire choice? Would be neat to be able to purchase some race tires. As we know, tires can easily make a 15-20W difference, and that’s just between race tires.

At level 26, I’m about a bagillion km from a rear disc or a bike that’s meaningfully faster than what I have. Having some smaller carrots to chase along the way would be fun-ner.

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Just started in Zwift and a couple of features I would like would have are:

  1. Show avg increase and distance on climbs when you preview the route. For example let’s look at “Legends of Lava”. There are 2 inclines on the route. Would love is the profile showed what the avg % increase as well as distance of each of these climbs similar to how sportswriters do on big stages in the Tour.

2.when you do KOM runs or other “New PRs” on for example the “Alpe d Heuz stage”. Would all these records be possible to be viewed somewhere other than when you try to beat it? Maybe it is already possible but I can’t seem to find out what my records were on my rides.

The handcycle bike now exists in game…

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Please add to your feature request list these [which I don’t currently have on my Android version]

  1. Using a PB ride as pacemaker for future rides
  2. Saving workouts as favorite - can be reused easily
  3. Being able to search for a particular ride from your history … rather than just scrolling - seriously?
  4. Information on Average watts and Average HR …
  5. I know this is not a “common feature request” but one word “Metaverse” … is to Zwift what Netflix was to Blockbuster Video. Hopefully work is being done in that direction :pray:
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