Super bit of progamming

(Jim Dockal WBR) #1

About 8.5 km into the loop there is a slight rise followed by a dip and than a quick turn to the right, The person who wrote this bit of code should be taken out to a fine dinner by the boss, it puts a big smile on my face every time I ride through it. Super piece of course design on a very outstanding course. 

(Stewart G teamWBR) #2

I like that bit as well, makes my stomach turn but feels realistic.

(Anne G / SpeedyChix / NFS) #3

Agree, like it. Also the newest revision has really smoothed out the motion and the load levels nicely.

Using SRM for data and Kickr only for the SIM load (want same data info indoor and out = SRM rather than KICKR).

(Anne G / SpeedyChix / NFS) #4

Also thanks for the women’s QOM jersey!