Suito and zwift show different power readings

I have had an elite suito for over a year with no issues. I also have a stages power meter and over the past year have compared the power profies between the two and they have been very close. In the past week I have noticed something odd. I will set up zwift to read power from the suito, use the myelite training app to read power from the suito, and use my wahoo bolt to read power from the stages pm.
The my elite app reading from suito and the bolt reading from stages are very close as always. However the zwift power readings off the suito are running 15 to 20 watts higher across all power ranges. Based on RPE and HR, I can tell the zwift readings are too high.

I have no idea how this could be happening as I thought Zwift and the myelite app are reading from the same source (suito). This appears to have happened only recently. Any ideas?