Sugoi Challenge stage 1 - A endless

(Matt Vo-Q MS6) #1


I participated in the Sugoi Challenge stage 1 - A group yesterday and the event didn’t end after the requisite 4 loops. I had to go to the MENU and Quit the event. In addition, the small KM progress bar wasn’t working and stayed blank during the whole event.

Also, I participated in the Medio Fondo on March 18 and it seems like the kilometers I acumulated didn’t add up to my grand total. No biggy, but just pointing out some bugs.

Love the app.



(Connor Sedgewick) #2

This also occurred for myself and another rider with whom I rode. Seems like a bug

(Rob Yates) #3

My daughter rode in group C next to me and had a lap countdown for her three laps.  That didn’t happen for group A.  Also if you look at the Event page for the ride, there’s no lap number listed against group A unlike B or C.  Looks like some sort of issue with ride setup.  Hopefully this will get recognized and we’ll all get credited for completing.

(Ed Bostwick) #4

I also had the same experience with the Sugoi Challenge stage 1 - group A

(John Petrie III) #5

I rode the B group but when finished it did not unlock the gear :confused:

(Adrian Amos HPP) #6

Same thing here: nothing to indicate the event was over. Confirmed with others in my group that they also saw nothing. As reported above, the lap/distance counter was blank the entire time, as well.

(Christopher Kapraun) #7

Yep. Same here. No progress. No finish. No kit. Just a pool of sweat as a reminder.

(Codie Walker) #8

same here

(Gary Morris) #9

Group A, also endless for me???

(Kevin Mark) #10

same here. If you look at zwiftpower, there were no group A finishers for both start times!

(Charlie Issendorf) #11

We had technical issue with yesterday’s stage 1 of the Sugoi Custom Apparel Challenge. The ‘A’ group lap distance was not set correctly so we’re going to assign the Sugoi kit to all Zwifters who started in the A group. In addition, all Zwifters who started in the ‘A’ group are eligible for the contest. Sorry for the trouble!


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(Matt Vo-Q MS6) #12

Hi Charlie,

Thanks for the update.

(Brad Halstead OOA) #13

Correct remedy Charlie. As an A group participant in stage 1, I appreciate this fix. Thank you.

(Lee Marshall) #14

Thanks for the reply, Charlie. I stopped after 5 laps. If it wasn’t past my bedtime, I was entertaining the idea of a 6th :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.
I really enjoy these special events, an am looking forward to continuing with stage 2 tomorrow night.
Again, thanks!

(Cary Sporinsky TeamZF ZHR(F)) #15

Thanks Charlie!

I know I felt like I had one heck of a workout after Stage 1, but little else.  :slight_smile:

I went under that finish line after my X number of laps and just went “nooooo”.

(Gary Morris) #16

Thanks Charlie.

(Gary Morris) #17

Thanks Charlie.

(Jon Shankman) #18

Thanks Charlie! This is the first multi-day event I’ve participated in! Thank you for ensuring the fix! Cannot wait for tonight!!!