Suggestion: 20%+ segment

Was just thinking that lots of zwifters probably now hand smart trainers that can replicate up to 25% gradient … but zwift doesn’t have anything that steep.

Wouldn’t it be cool if Zwift could design a new segment that has 1 or 2 steep (ie 23-25%) pinches? … I’m thinking something to replicate something like the Koppenberg? Cobbles would be extra cool. Maybe design something to tie in with the existing Richmond Cobbles?

Good point well made Rob. Zwift should keep up with Hardware innovation that is available to allow us to use it to best capability.

Instead have decided to release another route that is apparently as flat as a pancake , there are no shortage of flat as a pancake routes if you so wish them . Although I am sure we will here how great it is to have it with a load of new visual furniture which is what users want … great for the first ride on it , afterwards , its just more of the same.

Then again , maybe that there own entry into this market is not able to do gradients yet :rofl:

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