Sufferlandrian National Flag

(Mike George) #1

With the addition of flags to Zwift, I’m wondering if any other beta riders out there would be interested in being able to choose the Sufferlandrian flag as your nationality. If there’s enough interest, it sounds like this is something Zwift would consider adding.

(Noel Nunkovich *USMES*) #2

I would totally self-identify as a Sufferlandrian citizen. Love/Hate the SF vids!

(Jason Hurdlow) #3

It would make Grunter happy… and that might mean less lashes for me. :slight_smile:

(David Morris ( #4

Could you change one of those deers into a minion with a Stick?

(Rodney Haun) #5

Let me know - yes, I would select that flag. Love the USA, but as for biking, Go Sufferlandria.

(z Deathwife) #6

Yes I would fly the Sufferlandria flag!

(Raymond Wright) #7

I second this request

(Ebrahim Lagardien) #8

Please do, else I would suffer from an identity crisis.

(Jeff Seger *USMES*) #9


(Rob Howard) #10


(Jared Skolnick [GFNY]) #11


(Ian Blackburn) #12


(Carraway Precia) #13


(Craig Martin) #14

I’d be happy with a Scottish flag! :slight_smile:

(. Spinmonkey) #15


(Thomas Niccum) #16

Yes! Just finished ToS. A Sufferlandrian Knighthood Crest might be fun too.

(Carraway Precia) #17

Can we have some designs thrown into this thread?

(Damien Worrell (Watford Velo)) #18

+1 for me!

(Carraway Precia) #19

Nice flag, Damien Worrell. Can the letters be removed? They will be too small to read in the game.

(Damien Worrell (Watford Velo)) #20

I guess you will have to ask they people at regarding the letters (they own it).